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Glenora Community League Fundraiser

Ready for your COVID vaccine? Don't forget, your furry family members need vaccinations too!


Gateway Veterinary Centre is happy to welcome all Glenora cats and dogs to update their vaccinations within the next 2 months. Gateway Veterinary Centre will be supporting Glenora Community League for the upcoming Phase I renovations by donating all examination fees to the League. The League’s current target is to raise 130K for renovations before May 31, 2021. 


How it works: Book an appointment with Gateway Veterinary Centre directly. The exam fee is minimum $75.00 per pet, with additional donations welcome. The exam fees collected will be donated to the Community League fully. Please note there will be a $25.00 cost per vaccine administered (or any other drugs used), which will not be part of the donation amount.


To book an appointment, call/text the clinic at (587) 557-2210, or visit We look forward to meeting you and helping support the Glenora Community League!

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