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Audrey Lee-Thorne

Audrey joined our team in September of 2021. Her dream since she could speak was to work in the veterinary field (or with animals in general). In order to achieve her goal of working in the animal industry, Audrey got her foot in the door at a positive, well-being-based dog daycare and boarding facility in the summer of 2019 and worked there for two and a half years before joining us. She also did some volunteer work at the Edmonton Humane Society with her old VMA program.


Audrey’s plan is to complete her VMA course in order to be certified and to further broaden her education. Her aspiration is to continue giving animals the love and care they deserve, and to do whatever it takes to help as many animals as she can in her life. Audrey has two dogs, two cats, four bunnies, two guinea pigs, four axolotls, two betta fish, and she loves them all! She has a lot on her plate, but still gives her devoted love and attention to any new animal she meets.

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